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With no background in financials or economics (and very limited skills in web design…), we have dared to publish this website in order to support the Kinesis Monetary System. This website (which isn’t intended to represent any form of financial or investing advice!) offers you a list of articles (mostly in form of extracts) and other materials about Kinesis, and is intended for those who are still not acquainted with this project and are looking for some basic informations about it.

We are neither associated with the Kinesis team nor employed by them.

We support the idea of sound money, and specifically of a currency backed by gold, as this is the kind of money which best suits the needs of both the people and of the economy in general. We also believe that the new blockchain technology makes it possible for gold to be used as currency once again. While currently there are many projects pursuing this goal, we believe that Kinesis is the best-equipped team with the best chance to succeed.

Our financial credo can be summarised through what we call the Kinesis Manifesto:

• Your money and your identity should be safe

• Your money should be fair, equal and honest

• You should own your money – in the fractional banking system the banks own it

• You should control and have trust in your money

• You should be able to bank outside the banking system

• Your money should be an effective store of value and efficient medium of exchange globally

• Your money should be stable and hold its value over time

• Your money should be universal – have global appreciated value, acceptance and application

• You should be able to securely, efficiently and cost-effectively transact in and transfer your money around the world in real-time

• Your money should not be eroded in value by inflationary money printing

• You should not be forced to be subjected to the risks attached to the centrally controlled legacy fiat money and fractional banking systems

• Your money should be transacted in a trustless decentralised system

• You should be able to transparently see in real-time the verified reserves held securely in trust backing your money

• You should be commercially rewarded for utilising your money and spreading the Kinesis vision

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