Shane Morand

Shane Morand On Building Fortunes Radio Show

George Madiou and Kinesis Advisor Shane Morand on the Network Marketing Magazine Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils. 37 Min.          

Learn & Earn: Lesson 3 – What is KAU and KAG

In this lesson, we explore digital gold and silver. Learn how you can become your own central bank. From how the underlying bullion is allocated, through to purchasing and creating these digital units of physical...
Africa Fintech Festival

Kinesis Sponsors the Africa Fintech Festival in Kampala, Uganda

The Africa Fintech Festival: The annual Africa Fintech Festival – is an annual point of convergence of ideas, trends, innovations, key debates on wide ranging issues ranging from reg-tech , consumer protection, disruption of...

Learn & Earn: Lesson 2 – Digital gold

In this lesson, we explain what digitalising gold really means. No, this doesn’t mean using some new space-age technology to beam up your physical bullion, erasing it from the real world and losing it down...

Shane Morand Presents ‘Gold’

Kinesis has partnered with Shane Morand to launch their new educational platform, The First 500. Kinesis has developed a bespoke educational platform with your own personal dashboard that hosts 11 part video series called Learn...
Shane Morand

Shane Morand Explains Kinesis Monetary System Launch

Peter Mingils interviews Shane Morand as he is appointed to Advisory Board of Kinesis Monetary System on Building Fortunes Radio. 39 Min.          

Kinesis Monetary System Appoints Shane Morand to Advisory Board

Kinesis Monetary System, the leading gold and silver based monetary system, today announced its appointment of global business leader Shane Morand to its advisory board. Kinesis is redefining how physical bullion is traded and used...

Will 2020 Be the Year of Kinesis?

2019 has been a difficult year for traders of every persuasion. Whilst global stock exchanges have hit record highs, the forex exchanges have not fared so well. The British Pound has suffered over Brexit,...
kinesis mintvideo

Welcome to the Kinesis Mint

Welcome to the Kinesis Mint Transforming physical gold and silver into a digital currency Minting is the process of creating Kinesis currencies by purchasing physical bullion which Kinesis' technology then converts to digital gold (KAU)...

Welcome to Kinesis Money

Kinesis is not a bank. Kinesis is a revolutionary monetary system, based 1:1 on allocated gold and silver that provides users with a stable store of value. One that rewards you every month, allowing you to...