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Blockchain Technology Doesn’t Matter Unless It Helps People, Says Chimezie Chuta

Chimezie Chuta is an Advisory Board Member at Kinesis Money, Caymans, and formally the Regional Director for Africa at Paxful Inc. He is the Founder/ coordinator of Blockchain Nigeria User Group, a vibrant group of...
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A new gold standard in the age of blockchain

By Kinesis CEO, T. Coughlin Historically, fiat currency has never endured a long existence. In fact, every fiat currency since its inception by the Romans has experienced devaluation collapse. This has had significant negative implications...

Bringing Cryptocurrencies Up to the ‘Gold Standard’

By Thomas Coughlin, CEO of Allocated Bullion Exchange The idea of a gold digital currency has always had an appeal for those looking for an alternative payment system, much before the era of bitcoin and blockchain...

Kinesis: Can Gold Make Cryptocurrency More Viable?

David Pakman interviews Jai Bifulco, Kinesis' Chief Marketing Officer  

Cryptocurrencies Traded on Precious Metal Digital Exchanges. The Way Forward For Market Stability?

Does the world really need more cryptocurrency? What if there was a new monetary system designed to overcome the severe price volatility which has made cryptocurrencies unappealing to use as tender for mainstream consumers —...
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Travel Use Case

Background Travel agencies and other businesses with an international client and user base are faced with having to accept client payments in multiple currencies and payout – often in a different currency – their suppliers....

Kinesis Money Partners With TicketSocket for Real-World Application of Gold-Based Currencies

Kinesis Money, an evolutionary monetary system that uses real assets as the basis for digital currencies, has today announced a partnership with TicketSocket, a powerful and highly customizable white label ticketing, registration and event...

Kinesis Money: Product Preview

The Kinesis Trading Hub - A universal interface for spending, storing and trading digital gold and silver. The Kinesis Wallet - Deposit, receive and withdraw your digital currencies all in one place. The Kinesis Blockchain Exchange...

Learn & Earn: Lesson 3 – What is KAU and KAG

In this lesson, we explore digital gold and silver. Learn how you can become your own central bank. From how the underlying bullion is allocated, through to purchasing and creating these digital units of physical...

An Insight Into The Kinesis Blockchain

Kinesis Blockchain Network The Kinesis Money team has developed a proprietary blockchain network forked off the Stellar blockchain network. This fork enables Kinesis to leverage the high transaction speeds and superior security that Stellar offers,...