gold cryptocurrency

Bridging Gold and Cryptocurrency

Since the global financial crisis of 2007–2008, the world has become increasingly disenchanted with governmental monetary policy and the banking system at large. So strong were these feelings of betrayal and mistrust, that a...
Kinesis Mobile App

Kinesis Releases Their Mobile App

  Kinesis' mobile app is ready to be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices. Through the now available mobile app Kinesis users can buy, sell, send or just store their gold- and silver-backed stablecoins: money...

Kinesis: Can Gold Make Cryptocurrency More Viable?

David Pakman interviews Jai Bifulco, Kinesis' Chief Marketing Officer  

An Insight Into The Kinesis Blockchain

Kinesis Blockchain Network The Kinesis Money team has developed a proprietary blockchain network forked off the Stellar blockchain network. This fork enables Kinesis to leverage the high transaction speeds and superior security that Stellar offers,...

Will Kinesis take off in 2020?

    For traders of all types, 2019 has been a tough year. Although global stock exchanges have reached record highs, the forex exchanges have not been so good. Since Brexit, the British Pound has weakened,...

seriesOne Will Host Kinesis Velocity Token Offering

  seriesOne announced today that it has listed the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) offered by Kinesis Money on their platform The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a source of revenue generated from the Kinesis...
Africa Fintech Festival

Kinesis Sponsors the Africa Fintech Festival in Kampala, Uganda

The Africa Fintech Festival: The annual Africa Fintech Festival – is an annual point of convergence of ideas, trends, innovations, key debates on wide ranging issues ranging from reg-tech , consumer protection, disruption of...

Kinesis Mobile App – Phase 1 Beta Complete

Kinesis is pleased to announce that the first round of bug fixes has successfully been implemented for the beta version of the Kinesis mobile app in which 100 users participated. Phase 2 of beta testing...
Advisory Committee

New Appointments To Kinesis Advisory Committee

  Kinesis, a leading digitized monetary commodity company, has announced today the appointment of Sergio Fernandez de Cordova and Francisco de Borbon to its advisory committee. Fernandez de Cordova is co-founder of the Blockchain Commission for...

Kinesis Money: Product Preview

The Kinesis Trading Hub - A universal interface for spending, storing and trading digital gold and silver. The Kinesis Wallet - Deposit, receive and withdraw your digital currencies all in one place. The Kinesis Blockchain Exchange...