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Stablecoins: Money of the Future

By Thomas Coughlin, Chief Executive Officer of Allocated Bullion Exchange and Kinesis. Stablecoins are currently the fastest growing sector of the cryptocurrency market, worth $186 billion; these constitute cryptocurrencies whose values are pegged to real...

Why are they Calling 2019 “the Stablecoin Year”?

Contents 1 Stablecoins: the pros and cons 2 Fiat problems 3 Gold-backed stablecoins 4 Conclusion   2018 was a tough year for everyone in crypto – the bear market took away a good chunk from the crypto portfolio and many...

Stablecoins: The Solution to the Volatility Problem

Table of contents The Stablecoin Solution Real Functionality The Different Stablecoin Models Fiat collateralized Crypto-collateralized Stablecoins Non-collateralized stablecoins The Issues With Current Stablecoin Leaders Tether TrueUSD White standard Anatomy of Kinesis: the Ultimate Stablecoin ...