Shane Morand Presents ‘Gold’

Kinesis has partnered with Shane Morand to launch their new educational platform, The First 500. Kinesis has developed a bespoke educational platform with your own personal dashboard that hosts 11 part video series called Learn...
kinesis mintvideo

Welcome to the Kinesis Mint

Welcome to the Kinesis Mint Transforming physical gold and silver into a digital currency Minting is the process of creating Kinesis currencies by purchasing physical bullion which Kinesis' technology then converts to digital gold (KAU)...

Welcome to Kinesis Money

Kinesis is not a bank. Kinesis is a revolutionary monetary system, based 1:1 on allocated gold and silver that provides users with a stable store of value. One that rewards you every month, allowing you to...

Kinesis: Can Gold Make Cryptocurrency More Viable?

David Pakman interviews Jai Bifulco, Kinesis' Chief Marketing Officer  
United Nations

Kinesis CEO, Thomas Coughlin speaks at the 2nd Annual Blockchain for Impact 2019 Global...

Kinesis CEO, Thomas Coughlin spoke at the 2nd Annual Blockchain for Impact 2019 Global Summit at the United Nations. The host, Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, co-founder of the UN Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development, is...

Kinesis on Metropol TV Kenia

Following on from the live conversation on Metropol TV Kenya's #SmartInvestor with Aly-Khan Satchu - Here's the interview where CMO, Jai Bifulco and Head of Africa Operations, Christiaan Roesch explained Kinesis' positioning within the...
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Social experiment: Spending real gold in public

Ever wonder how difficult it would be to spend physical bars of gold and silver? Watch Kinesis resident, Mr K, take to the streets of London for a social experiment to see how many people...

Creating digital gold and silver

By digitalising physical bullion and registering them on the blockchain, Kinesis has created a system which will allow users to send, spend and transact with precious metals just like any other currency.    

Kinesis Money: Product Preview

The Kinesis Trading Hub - A universal interface for spending, storing and trading digital gold and silver. The Kinesis Wallet - Deposit, receive and withdraw your digital currencies all in one place. The Kinesis Blockchain Exchange...
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Andrew Maguire talks Gold, Silver and Kinesis with Bart Chilton on BOOM BUST

Kinesis advisor and commodities expert Andrew Maguire talks with Bart Chilton on Russia Today's BOOM BUST