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Unified Signal, Inc. (OTCQB: UNSI), a leading billing and back-office enabler who has developed an enterprise level billing solution enabling companies to launch their own brand of telecom services as well as mobile wallet and debit card services, announced today that it will be powering the world’s first asset-backed, yield generating crypto currency, developed by Kinesis Limited.

Unified will be enabling holders of the Kinesis suite of digital currencies to move money from their asset-backed digital currencies to the Kinesis Mobile Wallet and debit card.  Such transactions will be completed in real-time and for a fraction of the cost of competing crypto currencies.  These services will be offered in over 26 countries around the world and for the first time in the history of the crypto currency market, customers will be able to globally use digital currencies in real-time anywhere Visa / MasterCard is accepted and withdraw the fiat value of their asset-backed digital currencies at virtually any ATM around the world.

Kinesis Limited has developed the Kinesis suite of digital currencies to achieve a universally adopted decentralized asset based monetary system that is disruptively efficient, secure, fair and commercially powerful.

Unified Signal’s Chief Executive Officer, Paris Holt, commented, “By combining Unified’s proprietary and patent pending move money technology with the Kinesis asset-backed suite of digital currencies, we have collectively laid the foundation for a universal currency which is stable and liquid.  Our mission with this service offering is to create the next generation of secure mobile payments and domestic and international money movement.  I believe that this product could help eliminate the need for people to use physical currency and help usher in a new era where physical currency is no longer needed.”

Thomas Coughlin, CEO of ABX and Kinesis, states, “The Kinesis asset-backed blockchain monetary system has been developed to address a host of unresolved structural issues embedded in global money, banking, and payments.  Our system is an evolutionary step beyond any current monetary system available in the world. It enhances money as both a store of value, a medium of exchange, and has been developed for the benefit of all.

With this cornerstone partnership with Unified Signal and integration into their globally extensive mobile banking facilities and network, we can jointly offer an end-to-end system for digital money on the blockchain. Our partnership will offer users a global platform to perform everyday transactions in a secure and stable environment.  We are extremely excited to partner with Unified Signal and confident that together we can offer the future of money embedded in the next generation alternative banking platform.”

About Unified Signal ™

Unified Signal is a leading systems supplier of cloud-based enterprise level SaaS (software as a service) billing enablement solutions, enabling companies in virtually any industry sector to resell cellular service, home telephone service, IoT, mobile wallet, and debit card enablement services.  Unified Signal’s turn-key platform allows its clients to sell, provision, fulfill, bill, and care for virtually any type of product and service and all bundled on one ubiquitous platform.  The Unified Signal solution can be deployed quickly and cost efficiently and all private label to its client’s brand.

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