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  1. Passive income
  2. KVT Calculator
  3. The 4 features of the Kinesis Velocity Tokens



The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a utility token. While Kinesis currencies (KAUs and KAGs) are asset-backed tokens, KVTs are not backed.

Kinesis Velocity Tokens (KVTs) reward their holders with a 20% share on all transactions fees generated by the Kinesis system. In other words, KVTs holders will receive, as a whole, 20% of Kinesis fee pool. The KVTs yield represents an additional layer of income for token holders beside the value of the token itself and its potential increase.

KTVs are limited to 300,000 only. According to Kinesis blueprint, there is no chance of future dilution.

1. Passive income

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a digital token which rewards holders proportionately to the growth of the Kinesis monetary system. Each time the Kinesis currencies are sent, sold or spent a transaction fee is applied. These fees are accumulated into the fee pool and 20% of that is then distributed back to the KVT holders proportionately to the amount of KVTs held by each one. Let’s put it this way: every time someone purchases a coffee or pays for travel with the Kinesis Debit Card, KVT holders are rewarded in physical gold and silver.

The greater the volume of transactions, the more fees available to KVT holders and the greater the potential KVT value.


2. KVT Calculator

In order to determine the potential returns of each KVT, one can use the KVT Calculator provided by Kinesis here, inserting in it the values which fit the most one’s assumptions about Kinesis Net Present Value, its Market infiltration and the velocity of Kinesis stablecoins:

1. NPV: The net present value discount rate that one determines most appropriate.

2. Market infiltration: The extent to which one anticipates Kinesis will infiltrate the physical gold and silver markets.

3. Velocity: What percentage of the existing market cap transacted one anticipates Kinesis currencies to achieve.


3. The 4 features of the Kinesis Velocity Tokens

KTVs’ main features are:

  • Limited supply
  • the 20% “Yield”
  • Tradability
  • Growth




For some introductory information, you can also take a look at this short clip



On you can find, among others, a current snapshot of the top 100 KVT Token Holders




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