Live from the Vault – Episode 13. Featuring Bill Murphy, Chairman of GATA

This week features expert in precious metals Andrew Maguire and very special guest - Bill ‘Midas’ Murphy. Bill is Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA).   Upon graduating Cornell University in 1969 Bill...

Andrew Maguire Interviews GATA chairman Bill Murphy

  The pair exchange industry insights on the ongoing wholesale physical silver bullion shortage and address the implications of dwindling open interest in the Silver Futures (SI) market. For a detailed look at the impact of...

The Importance Of Fully Audited, Allocated Gold: The Case Of ABN AMRO

Table of Contents So, what happened at ABN AMRO? The Counterparty Risk What can we learn from the case of ABN AMRO? Let’s look at the difference between Kinesis and ABN AMRO gold and...

Major Bullion Bank Scotiabank To Withdraw From The LBMA

  Word from behind closed doors at the Scotiabank, reveals the key market maker is set to withdraw completely from the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), and close its doors permanently by the end of...

Gold Futures Trading Moving From Comex To LME

Table of Contents   A physical gold bullion solution Who is supplying the physical gold bullion? Which banks will join the new Loco London physical gold over-the-counter market at the LME? What does this mean...

Episode 10 : Live from the Vault

Episode 10 of the Live From The Vault webinars.   00:01 - 00:18 Jai Bifulco gives an update on the First 500 competition and discusses some upcoming features of the Kinesis platform including new cryptocurrency trading...
Metals audit

Kinesis Publishes Its First Independent Metals Audit

  Kinesis has passed its first bi-annual independent metals audit. The audit was conducted by Inspectorate International Limited, a Bureau Veritas Group Company. Together with BDO, Inspectorate is responsible for the inspection and audit services not only...
gold cryptocurrency

Bridging Gold and Cryptocurrency

Since the global financial crisis of 2007–2008, the world has become increasingly disenchanted with governmental monetary policy and the banking system at large. So strong were these feelings of betrayal and mistrust, that a...