gold cryptocurrency

Bridging Gold and Cryptocurrency

Since the global financial crisis of 2007–2008, the world has become increasingly disenchanted with governmental monetary policy and the banking system at large. So strong were these feelings of betrayal and mistrust, that a...

Episode 7 – Live from the Vault

Episode 7 - Live from the Vault   Featured segments: 01:00 - 10:00 Marketing updates from Kinesis - Jai Bifulco 10:00 - 24:00 Precious metals news and analysis - Andrew Maguire 25:00 - 50:00 Special guest...

Live From the Vault: Episode 6

Live From the Vault: Episode 6   This webinar features: 02:00 - 43:00 Key updates in Indonesia from Chief Strategy Officer of Kinesis, Eric Maine, with the latest developments. 44:00 - 51:00 An update from precious metals...
Kinesis CoolWallet S

Kinesis Hardware Wallet “K-CoolWallet S” Is Now Available

In partnership with CoolBitX, Kinesis has developed its own hardware wallet, the CoolWallet S, which is available for purchase in the Kinesis online shop for $99.   A hardware wallet is a physical device which stores the user's private keys. Some...
Kinesis Mobile App

The Kinesis Mobile App Is Now Live And Available For Download

Kinesis has released its mobile app, which is now available for download for both iOS and Android. Through this interface, you can trade, send, or store Kinesis currencies with the click of a button: the easiest...

Kinesis Has Entered Top 15 Of Biggest Token Offerings Since 2016

According to PwC Switzerland, by raising up to $194 M in startup capital through their Initial Token Offering, Kinesis has become the 10th biggest ITO since 2016. That makes Kinesis' ITO the biggest one among...

Kinesis Mobile App – Phase 1 Beta Complete

Kinesis is pleased to announce that the first round of bug fixes has successfully been implemented for the beta version of the Kinesis mobile app in which 100 users participated. Phase 2 of beta testing...

Live from the Vault – Special Guest: Sergio Fernandez De Cordova

In this episode, Kinesis covers off key updates for the first 2 quarters of 2020 with special guest Sergio Fernandez De Cordova with a refurbished format of the segment with more focus on distinguished...