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Many members of the Kinesis, blockchain and crypto communities already know how precious metal-based currency Kinesis and commodities giant the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) are linked. For those who are unsure, in short, Kinesis and ABX are strategic partners.


Kinesis is a yield-bearing digital currency based on participants being allocated their own physical gold and silver. With only 24 days left until its ITO, Kinesis is on its way to deliver an evolutionary step beyond any monetary and banking system available today, allowing gold and silver to be transferred to an e-wallet and spent in shops or online via a debit card. Kinesis users can also collect their precious metals from seven locations around the globe.


ABX is the premier precious metals exchange, enabling traders to use their regulated platform to buy and sell precious metals since 2013. ABX is a public company in Australia and have lent their expertise to Kinesis in order to assist in making the monetary system safe and reliable.

Kinesis CEO Thomas Coughlin sits on ABX’s board and is instrumental in helping Kinesis to leverage ABX’s vast knowledge base and sector network, aiding in the facilitation of partnerships with external companies.

ABX also provide infrastructure, and are an institutional precious metals exchange, allowing Kinesis participants to purchase gold and silver via ABX’s exchange, MetalDesk.

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