Today, Kinesis Money announces the launch of its UK and EU debit card program with Contis Group, the award-winning service platform (PAAS) offering end-to-end banking and payment solutions. Kinesis has chosen Contis for its debit card solutions in Europe and the UK, and the collaboration has officially begun the project scheduled for release in Q4. 

The release of these debit cards (called EUR and GBP) will cement Kinesis’ market position as a formidable global fintech company. The Kinesis debit card will allow Kinesis’ customers in the UK and Europe to use their Kinesis stablecoins to easily and efficiently to make transactions anywhere with a merchant facility and to withdraw funds through global ATM networks. 

Kinesis is an evolutionary monetary system that uses real gold and silver assets as the basis for digital currencies. Such currencies have a 1:1 physical bullion allocation, with transaction fees accrued once currencies are sent, expended, or exchanged. They are then proportionately redistributed as a volume-based yield to Kinesis’ currency and token holders. Such yields are growing, as the user base continues to expand and recur indefinitely, thereby generating monthly income for users. 

The new debit card is to be operated by a collaboration between Kinesis Money and Contis, which will enable Kinesis to leverage on their comprehensive network of partners. Contis Financial Services Ltd. was approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Kinesis debit card is expected to be incorporated into the highly awaited Kinesis Monetary Network, scheduled for launch in Q3 2019.

Thomas Coughlin, CEO of Kinesis Money, says it’s a good step for Kinesis Money, as this collaboration with Contis marks a big step in launching the revolutionary Kinesis Monetary System. The global move toward agile banking is gaining pace, and Kinesis is setting a precedent in the evolution of banking. Through their debit card, Kinesis aims to provide a secure, trustworthy platform based on the physical currencies of gold and silver.

Contis’ CEO, Flavia Alzetta, says Contis is excited to move forward with Kinesis Money’s exciting potential and ambitious plans. As their card issuer, Contis’ highly configurable and reliable platform will allow Kinesis to scale up as they expand.


About Contis Group

Contis is a leading supplier of award-winning, end-to-end applications for credit, payments and money transfers. Contis’ proprietary, scalable platform was developed in 2008 by Peter Cox and handles all bank and Visa payments in real time. Contis is part of both the FT1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018, and the 2018 Sunday Times Tech Track 100 Fastest Growing Private Financial Companies. Contis has offices in the UK, Europe, and India, delivering customized banking solutions to third parties, in addition to a range of branded and white-label banking products, thereby offering complete, current account capability. Contis benefits from a full licensing package, including the EEA-covered FCA eMoney Card, and it is a sponsoring Principal Visa Member.






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