p3 smart cities

Kinesis Partners With P3 Smart Cities: The Cities Of The Future

Table of Contents   Introduction Examples of P3 Smart City innovations Data as Currency A combined transformative strategy A shared view about the role and value of Blockchain Technology Improving Government Services Kinesis Experience   1. Introduction Furthering...

The Roadmap Into Year’s End

  Kinesis CEO Thomas Coughlin and Chief Commercial Officer Jai Bifulco discuss the roadmap into year's end, development targets and upcoming milestones.   Q3  JULY Global virtual debit card mobile platform Re-branded Minting platform release: – New Charts (Trading view) – Updated...

Live from the Vault - Episode 12. Kinesis in Indonesia

Live from the Vault - Episode 12. Featuring Kinesis CEO Thomas Coughlin, Kinesis CSO Eric Maine & Kinesis Advisor Andrew Maguire This week features a fascinating look into Kinesis in Indonesia by Chief Strategy Officer,...

Scotiabank: Where Is The Gold?

  ‘Talking Gold’ – a fortnightly update from Kinesis Director and precious metals expert, Andrew Maguire, providing a detailed round-up of the recent action in the gold and silver markets –  a regular feature from...

Live from the Vault - Episode 11. Kinesis in Latin America

This week features a fascinating look into Kinesis progress in Latin America by Head of LATAM operations Martín Aguilar Bugeau. Martín is joined by Kinesis CEO Thomas Coughlin. Expert precious metals specialist Andrew Maguire also makes...
kinesis debit card

Kinesis Releases Beta Version Of Their Global Virtual Debit Card

  With the launch of the Kinesis global virtual debit card, Kinesis completes a full end-to-end payments solution, bringing real-world utility to securely vaulted, digitalised allocated physical gold and silver bullion. The global virtual debit card...

A New Interface For The Kinesis Exchange

  Through the Kinesis Exchange, Kinesis offers traditional and cryptocurrency traders simple, low-cost access to allocated physical gold and silver bullion, with all storage fees covered. In an industry first, Kinesis has integrated securely vaulted, allocated,...

Live from the Vault - Episode 13. Featuring Bill Murphy, Chairman of GATA

This week features expert in precious metals Andrew Maguire and very special guest - Bill ‘Midas’ Murphy. Bill is Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA).   Upon graduating Cornell University in 1969 Bill...

Andrew Maguire Interviews GATA chairman Bill Murphy

  The pair exchange industry insights on the ongoing wholesale physical silver bullion shortage and address the implications of dwindling open interest in the Silver Futures (SI) market. For a detailed look at the impact of...

The Importance Of Fully Audited, Allocated Gold: The Case Of ABN AMRO

Table of Contents So, what happened at ABN AMRO? The Counterparty Risk What can we learn from the case of ABN AMRO? Let’s look at the difference between Kinesis and ABN AMRO gold and...