Gresham's law

Kinesis: Defeating Gresham’s Law

  By Thomas Coughlin, CEO at Kinesis Limited Just as our sun unconditionally provides an indiscriminate life-stimulating share of energy to Earth, we offer a comparative energy system to stimulate the movement of capital and assets...

Using Cryptocurrencies To Build A New Gold Standard

  When Bitcoin's price hit gold parity (by the ounce) in 2017, cryptocurrencies first attracted the attention of gold investors across the world. However, the parity was short-lived, as Bitcoin has drastically dropped in value...
kinesis interview

Kinesis CEO On “Boom or Bust”

Table of Contents   Kinesis Overview How Kinesis Works The difference between mining and minting Gold As an Investment Throughout History Combining gold and the blockchain Fast global transactions Kinesis Decentralization The Users are the...
kinesis debit card

Kinesis Releases Beta Version Of Their Global Virtual Debit Card

  With the launch of the Kinesis global virtual debit card, Kinesis completes a full end-to-end payments solution, bringing real-world utility to securely vaulted, digitalised allocated physical gold and silver bullion. The global virtual debit card...

Kinesis Money Partners With TicketSocket for Real-World Application of Gold-Based Currencies

Kinesis Money, an evolutionary monetary system that uses real assets as the basis for digital currencies, has today announced a partnership with TicketSocket, a powerful and highly customizable white label ticketing, registration and event...

Live from the Vault - Special Guest: Sergio Fernandez De Cordova

In this episode, Kinesis covers off key updates for the first 2 quarters of 2020 with special guest Sergio Fernandez De Cordova with a refurbished format of the segment with more focus on distinguished...
Bart Chilton

Russia Today - Boom Bust interview with CEO Tom Coughlin

Kinesis CEO Tom Coughlin interviews with Bart Chilton* on Russia Today's Boom Bust. Kinesis is not just a Stablecoin, Kinesis is a monetary system based on 1:1 allocated physical gold and silver. 12 Min.     *Bartholomew Hamilton Chilton...
Al Qasimi

New Advisory Board Member & Growing Interest In The UAE

Kinesis is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to the Kinesis Advisory Board, Sheikh Mohamed Al Qasimi. Having a background in banking, finance and economics he wants to see the progress of...

The Importance Of Fully Audited, Allocated Gold: The Case Of ABN AMRO

Table of Contents So, what happened at ABN AMRO? The Counterparty Risk What can we learn from the case of ABN AMRO? Let’s look at the difference between Kinesis and ABN AMRO gold and...
United Nations

Kinesis CEO, Thomas Coughlin speaks at the 2nd Annual Blockchain for Impact 2019 Global...

Kinesis CEO, Thomas Coughlin spoke at the 2nd Annual Blockchain for Impact 2019 Global Summit at the United Nations. The host, Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, co-founder of the UN Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development, is...