MBAex, Southeast Asia’s biggest blockchain asset trading platform with more than 1.3M users, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kinesis Cash. The collaboration is aligned with MBAex’s goal of encouraging the use of value-stable and safe blockchain assets. 

MBAex are torchbearers for good governance within the industry. They are fully compliant with anti-money-laundering laws. In addition, MBAex implements a range of security controls through the application of best practices from the banking sector. This includes industry concepts like double-factor authentication, cool stockpiling, and monitoring to ensure end-to-end transaction security. By listing the Kinesis digital currencies on their exchange, MBAex can engage participants who are looking for stable and secure options.

MBAex also incorporates the idea of forex brokerage with blockchain asset trading, a powerful combination to promote the rise of Kinesis’ digital currency transactions and trading volumes. This will allow Kinesis Money to cement its place in Southeast Asia and build upon this solid foundation for enhanced global access.

Sebastian-Ionut Diaconu, Chief Executive Officer at MBAex, says that MBAex is pleased to announce this MOU to provide their customer base with a superior stablecoin bid. 

The new currencies of Kinesis (KAU and KAG) reflect real gold and silver and can even be redeemed as such. Asian users of the Kinesis currencies see the locations where the precious metals underlying the Kinesis stable coins lie, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, as a great value-add. 

They are also happy to discuss the KVTs listing on the MBAex Exchange, Diaconu adds, considering the Kinesis currencies’ potential and the KVTs as a way to offer to their traders the ability to share Kinesis success. 

Ryan Case, Chief Commercial Officer at Kinesis Money, comments that the Kinesis digital currencies (KAU and KAG) offer real-world, audited, liquid, and safe stablecoins to traders on the MBAex exchange. This collaboration offers the Kinesis digital currencies to a wide pool of potential users, thereby amplifying their exposure to global markets and demonstrating the acceptance of these stable coins. 

Bryan Feinberg, CEO and Founder of Etheralabs, comments that they are pleased to be a part of the structuring and implementation of this relationship, as it reflects a profound benefit for both businesses and their communities.



Established as MBAEX ONLINE PTE. LTD. (MBAex) in Cyprus, MBAex is a cryptocurrency trading platform that uses blockchain technology to handle digital currency transactions. They are a platform that allows merchants and customers to transact common blockchain assets and digital currencies. Their business is made up of professionals from Europe, Southeast Asia, and China, who have extensive backgrounds and experience in foreign exchange, finance, blockchain asset management, and other financial technology industries.







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