European Commodity Clearing announces partnership with Allocated Bullion Exchange



Unified Signal to Power Kinesis Limited’s Suite of Asset-Backed Blockchain Enabled Digital Currencies

Digital Gold Has Arrived In South Africa

Welcome to Kinesis: The monetary system for a successful and sustainable future

Kinesis Currencies Now Sharia Compliant

An Insight Into The Kinesis Blockchain

Andrew Maguire on King World News

Why the Kinesis Blockchain Network is forked from Stellar

Merging Gold And Blockchain Like Never Before – Kinesis CEO Thomas Coughlin Explains

Kinesis Announces Liquidity Partnership with Finemetal Asia

Russia Today – Boom Bust interview with CEO Tom Coughlin

A new monetary system may be the answer to rising Brexit fears

Allocated Bullion Exchange unveils its vision for the future of money after seven-year development

RenGen Labs to Host ITO for Gold-based Monetary System Kinesis Money

Blockchain Heralds Evolution of the Gold Standard

Gold-Based Monetary System To Bring Price Stability To Crypto

SEC-Regulated Hyperion Exchange To List Precious Metal-Backed Stablecoins

A new gold standard in the age of blockchain

Best Cryptos to Invest in the Year 2019

The Kinesis Vision – CEO Tom Coughlin on the Finance Show “Boom or Bust�?

Kinesis Money Partners With TicketSocket for Real-World Application of Gold-Based Currencies

Bringing Cryptocurrencies Up to the ‘Gold Standard’

Merging Gold with Blockchain Technology

Kinesis expands the advisory team in the United Arab Emirates with Tariq Al Habtoor

New advisory board member Bryan Feinberg, CEO of Etheralabs

Indonesia partners with Australia for blockchain-based exchange

MBAex Partnership Amplifies Global Access to Kinesis Money

Cryptocurrencies Traded on Precious Metal Digital Exchanges. The Way Forward For Market Stability?

Andrew Maguire talks Gold, Silver and Kinesis with Bart Chilton on BOOM BUST

Kinesis partners with Elysium City



Kinesis Money: Product Preview

New Advisory Board Member & Growing Interest In The UAE

Kinesis announces new appointments to Advisory Committee

Kinesis announces North Block Capital as new investor and advisor

Kinesis Launches the Kinesis Mint – Physical Gold and Silver on the Blockchain

The role of the Kinesis Monetary System on the African Continent

Kinesis on Metropol TV Kenia

Kinesis Engages Contis Group to Launch UK and European Debit Card

Kinesis CEO, Thomas Coughlin speaks at the 2nd Annual Blockchain for Impact 2019

Kinesis Monetary System extends Africa Footprint with the South African Jewellers Network

Blockchain Technology Doesn’t Matter Unless It Helps People, Says Chimezie Chuta

Kinesis to launch bullion-backed, blockchain-based currency in Indonesia

Kinesis partners with U.S.-based healthcare platform Rejuvenan Global Health

Kinesis Ready To Move

seriesOne to host Kinesis Velocity Token offer for gold- and silver-based monetary system

Kinesis: Can Gold Make Cryptocurrency More Viable?

Kinesis partners with CoolBitX to deliver hardware storage solution for Kinesis currencies

Travel Use Case

The Kinesis Exchange Is Now Live!

Welcome to the Kinesis Mint

Will 2020 Be the Year of Kinesis?

Kinesis Monetary System Appoints Shane Morand to Advisory Board

Shane Morand Explains Kinesis Monetary System Launch

Shane Morand Presents ‘Gold’

Kinesis Sponsors the Africa Fintech Festival in Kampala, Uganda

Shane Morand On Building Fortunes Radio Show

Indonesia Update

Chief Technology Officer Transition

Live From The Vault: Featuring Kinesis CMO, Jai Bifulco

Kinesis Partners With XcelTrip Enabling Bookings Using Gold And Silver



Digital Gold And Silver Has Arrived

Live from the Vault – Special Guest: Sergio Fernandez De Cordova

Kinesis Mobile App – Phase 1 Beta Complete

Kinesis Has Entered Top 15 Of Biggest Token Offerings Since 2016







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