The Kinesis board announces an investment in and collaboration with leading health and wellness company Rejuvenan.

The alliance between Kinesis and Rejuvenan is expected to build major synergies between the two businesses potentially serving millions of people around the world. 

Rejuvenan is a digital health and wellbeing organization committed to providing its clients with an efficient and holistic approach to healthcare. Unlike other health/wellness firms, Rejuvenan’s data-driven platform uses AI (artificial intelligence) to diagnose and implement tailored behavioural change approaches for optimal health outcomes for clients. 

By letting Rejuvenan participate in the Kinesis Monetary System, Rejuvenan would be able to utilize the operating infrastructure developed by Kinesis to provide its consumers with a rewards program that promotes healthier lifestyles. 

Fred Nazem, founder and CEO of Rejuvenan, is a corporate architect and venture capital leader who since the late 1970s has been creating highly innovative, industry-leading healthcare and technology companies. He is the co-founder of several multibillion-dollar businesses and a restructuring expert best known for overseeing the successful reorganization of Oxford Health Plans, which was later sold for more than US$ 6 billion to United Healthcare.

Fred Nazem, Rejuvenan’s Founder and Executive Chairman said that they are very excited to work closely with Kinesis management to achieve a common dream: to deliver outstanding health and wellness services to customers around the globe at an affordable price by using their state-of-the-art digital platform and a targeted incentive system like that one driven by Kinesis to allow better health outcomes.

Kinesis will leverage its technological and organizational capabilities with the goal of providing a complete suite of reward program solutions for Rejuvenan. This approach aims to increase the Kinesis monetary system’s number of users and to accelerate the use and acceptance of Kinesis currencies.

Thomas Coughlin, Kinesis CEO said they’re proud to work with a popular organization that includes a world-class team bringing a vast knowledge base and expertise set to a rapidly growing market like the health and wellness market. 

The Kinesis program has strong sustainability principles, and essential services are enhanced and available in order to give more incentives to Rejuvenan customers for their participation on top of a range of services that are second to none in the industry.

The relationship opens doors to new areas of growth within the company. A mutually beneficial strategic marketing arrangement that includes both parties will allow for cross-market efforts to support each party’s products/services while increasing their community footprint. 

By making this investment into Rejuvenan, Kinesis aims to gain a foothold in the ever-expanding wellness/health space and acknowledges Rejuvenan’s innovative approach to goods, as well as its team’s respected credentials.

Given that over $30 billion in venture dollars have been invested in digital health since 2011, and $8.1B in digital health funding last year alone, this market has seen significant recent expansion. Given the integration of tech into daily life, it’s no surprise that customers are flocking to digital solutions for monitoring and maintaining their health.

The $3.5 trillion healthcare market, is expected by 2027 to account for 19.4% of U.S. GDP, weighing in as one of the world’s largest moneymakers. If the U.S. healthcare system were a country, it would sit in 5th place when ranked against the world’s largest GDP. Considering a near-stable 0.7% average year-on-year growth in population, coupled with constant innovation and breakthroughs in technology, it’s only rational to assume the health care system is set to continue growing.


About Rejuvenan

Rejuvenan is a data-driven, interactive healthcare and wellness organization that uses Telomere Biology results to diagnose and build behavioural improvements for improved health outcomes for clients. The organization combines healthcare with “sick care” and offers its customers 24/7 access to medical doctors approved by the board including a free annual doctor-guided health check-up. 

The company is run by a highly experienced management team with vast experience in the fields of healthcare, banking, and technology. 

Rejuvenan leverages smartphones, wearable apps, cloud technologies and user-provided information to provide reliable, individualized, scientifically validated lifestyle and behavioural guidance. 

The goal of Rejuvenan is to empower individuals to own their own wellbeing, providing true preventive healthcare, not just reactive sick-care, all in an attempt to treat the person, not just the disease.




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