Al Habtoor

Kinesis expands the advisory team in the United Arab Emirates with Tariq Al Habtoor

We would like to welcome Tariq Al Habtoor from the United Arab Emirates. Tariq will be a key partner to take the reign to drive engagement within the region. Tariq is a significant member of...
gold and blockchain

The Synergy between Gold and Blockchain Technology

Table of Contents   1. The Origins of Kinesis 2. Gold and distributed ledger technology come together 3. Eliminating Abstract Value 4. Why Kinesis is Superior to other Cryptocurrencies 5. Understanding Asset-Backed Systems 6. The Kinesis Business Model Minter Yield Depositor...

Using Cryptocurrencies To Build A New Gold Standard

  When Bitcoin's price hit gold parity (by the ounce) in 2017, cryptocurrencies first attracted the attention of gold investors across the world. However, the parity was short-lived, as Bitcoin has drastically dropped in value...

Kinesis Money Partners With TicketSocket for Real-World Application of Gold-Based Currencies

Kinesis Money, an evolutionary monetary system that uses real assets as the basis for digital currencies, has today announced a partnership with TicketSocket, a powerful and highly customizable white label ticketing, registration and event...
kinesis interview

Kinesis CEO On “Boom or Bust”

Table of Contents   Kinesis Overview How Kinesis Works The difference between mining and minting Gold As an Investment Throughout History Combining gold and the blockchain Fast global transactions Kinesis Decentralization The Users are the...

Cryptocurrency In 2019: An Overview

Table of Contents 1. The Altcoin Hierarchy The Penny Stocks of Crypto Average Coins Good Coins Very Good Coins Top Tier Cryptocurrencies 2. Promising Projects Going Into the New Year Kinesis VeChain IOTA ICON...
fiat currency

Blockchain Technology Allowing A New Gold-Backed Monetary System

  Historically, fiat currency has never endured a long existence. In fact, every fiat currency since its inception by the Romans has experienced devaluation collapse. This has had major negative implications for their respective economies....

SEC-Regulated Hyperion Exchange To List Precious Metal-Backed Stablecoins

Hyperion’s Goal of Regulatory Compliance Founded in 2017, the Canadian-based Hyperion Exchange has made regulatory compliance a priority. Not only are they regulated by the SEC, but also by the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority,...