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As of May 28th, Tether can be traded on the Kinesis Exchange.

The popular stable coin, backed by the U.S dollar, makes a notable addition to the ever-widening range of trading pairs available to Kinesis users. The widespread adoption of Tether (USDT) allows Kinesis to introduce a new global audience to the unique advantages of the Kinesis monetary system. Following on from the recent addition of Bitcoin (BTC), Tether’s inclusion lays another significant milestone in the growth and diversification of the Kinesis Exchange.

Kinesis users now have the ability to trade between Tether, BTC and all others digital, crypto and fiat currencies available, including Kinesis gold- and silver-based digital currencies, KAU and KAG.

The Kinesis Exchange provides simple, convenient and low-cost trading between Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Kinesis gold (KAU), Kinesis silver (KAG), Ethereum (ETH), US Dollar ($) and Euro (€).

Tether has swelled in popularity as an accessible stable coin for those exiting more volatile cryptocurrency markets, such as BTC or ETH. The near-universal adoption and availability of Tether position the cryptocurrency as a useful option for the traders of the Kinesis community.

While Tether is a convenient store of value, controversy still follows the cryptocurrency after a continuous failure to provide a full audit of their assets, as they had promised. Whereas with Kinesis, all physical gold and silver bullion behind Kinesis stablecoins are fully allocated, audited, redeemable and stored in the Kinesis vaulting system at no cost.


More trading pairs coming soon

In the near future, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – an altcoin offshoot of Bitcoin created for faster, cheaper transactions – and Ripple (XRP) – a digital asset designed specifically for payments – are set to grow the Kinesis Exchange range of trading pairs even further.

Kinesis is committed to bringing our users a trading experience of value, versatility and accessibility. Each addition to the Kinesis trading ecosystem extends the variety and accessibility to their community and furthers the diversity of access points to the Kinesis monetary system.





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