Kinesis is proud to announce a partnership with CoolBitX Technology, the developers of the world’s first credit card-sized hardware wallet, the CoolWallet S. This partnership will allow Kinesis stablecoins users to store their digital currencies, KAU (1-gram gold) and KAG (1-ounce silver), along with the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) on the CoolWallet S hardware wallet, along with other cryptocurrencies. 

The hardware wallet is a contemporary mobile application that secures and empowers the user with crypto-assets. It can fit securely in the user’s pocket or wallet, it is as small as a credit card, and it provides discreet access to your assets, anywhere and anytime. It will provide Kinesis users with an additional layer of protection by safeguarding their gold and silver currencies in an offline environment. 

Compatible with both Android and iOS, endowed with proprietary waterproof and tamper-proof protection, the CoolWallet S is the cold wallet of choice for those looking for secure, creative, and convenient cold storage. 

Kinesis built a partnership with CoolBitX with Kinesis customers in mind, as Kinesis currency storage on the CoolWallet S has to track currencies movement in order to allow the fees calculation and the subsequent sharing of the fee pools among Kinesis Monetary System participants, according to Kinesis yields system. That will require the CoolWallet S to be incorporated within the Kinesis Blockchain Network.

The CoolBitX mission is closely aligned with Kinesis’ dream of providing blockchain solutions that allow secure and active participation for all. This collaboration will form a key component in making digital currencies more available, thereby marking a significant moment in the blockchain-based cryptocurrency industry by providing a bridge between blockchain technology and daily usage. 

By selling its own software in conjunction with its hardware, CoolBitX has significantly minimized the possibility of phishing attacks from outside parties. Such end-to-end defence will provide greater security and control of their digital currencies for Kinesis currency holders, above and beyond any other hard wallet solution available on the market today.

CoolBitX CEO Michael Ou said they are proud to be Kinesis’ partner of choice to provide Kinesis users with a safe, user-friendly way to protect their digital properties. Their CoolWallet S solution aims to assure consumers that their assets are safe while retaining flexibility and user-friendliness via Bluetooth connection. The KAU and KAG tokens serve as valuable additions to the CoolBitX ecosystem as the first precious-metal-backed tokens on CoolWallet S, while the Kinesis team shares their overall ambition to provide all trading group members with a secure and productive user interface.

Kinesis’ CEO, Thomas Coughlin, said their customers expressed the need for a safe, hard-wallet solution to protect their Kinesis currencies. Kinesis listened and delivered a cutting-edge product designed by an industry pioneer in hard-wallet technology. Kinesis is extremely excited to offer this solution to their customers. CoolWallet is a fantastic solution, and Kinesis looks forward to introducing this as an alternative that will offer greater peace of mind to their customers.


About CoolBitX

CoolBitX Technology Ltd. (CBX) is a multinational security blockchain corporation that specializes in developing and integrating US-patented software and hardware applications for millions. They were founded by Mr Michael Ou in 2014. Through the financial support of SBI Holdings’ funding, CoolBitX launched its first-generation wallet in 2016 and two years later introduced the CoolWallet S, which is the world’s first hardware wallet enabling a Bluetooth connection with the users’ cell phones. With the CoolWallet S, all security features reside in a wallet that is the size of a credit card. CoolWallet S also enable the storage of various digital assets like BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, ZEN, BNB, and ERC20. CoolBitX is currently working on creating Sygna, a full KYC/AML solution that will facilitate regulatory enforcement and thus significantly improve the cryptocurrency industry’s overall credibility.





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