Unified Signal, a leading billing and back-office enabler that has developed an enterprise-level billing system that allows businesses to launch their own telecom services brand as well as mobile wallet and debit card services, today announced that they will power the world’s first asset-backed, yield-generating Stablecoins, developed by Kinesis Limited.

Unified will allow Kinesis Digital Currencies Suite holders to transfer money their asset-backed digital currencies from the Kinesis Mobile Wallet to their debit card. These transactions will be performed in real-time for a fraction of the cost of competing cryptocurrencies.

Such services will be available in more than 26 countries around the world, and Kinesis stablecoins holders will be able to use digital currencies internationally - in real-time - anywhere Visa / MasterCard is accepted. Moreover, they will be able to withdraw the fiat value of their gold- and silver-backed Stablecoins at nearly any ATM. This will represent a novelty in the history of the cryptocurrency industry.

The Kinesis suite of digital currencies has been created by Kinesis Limited to achieve a widely adopted decentralized asset-based monetary system that is disruptively effective, stable, equal and commercially strong.

Unified Signal’s chief executive, Paris Holt, said that by integrating Unified’s patented and patent-pending moving money technology within the Kinesis asset-backed digital currency system, they have jointly laid the groundwork for a stable and liquid universal currency. With this service offering, their goal is to build the next generation of safe mobile payments and the movement of domestic and foreign capital. They believe this will usher people and institutions in a new age where there is no longer a need for fiat currency.

Thomas Coughlin, CEO of ABX and Kinesis, notes that a number of unresolved systemic problems rooted in global currency, banking, and payments have been tackled by the Kinesis asset-backed blockchain monetary system. Their system represents an evolutionary step beyond any current monetary structure in the world. It enhances money as both a store of value and a medium of trade, and it was created for the good of all.

Through this cornerstone collaboration with Unified Signal and the incorporation of their globally comprehensive mobile banking facilities and network, Kinesis is going to deliver an end-to-end infrastructure for digital money on the blockchain. Their collaboration will provide a global place for users to carry out everyday transactions in a safe and stable environment.

They are extremely excited to work with Unified Signal and are optimistic that together they will deliver in the next decade the future of money embedded in an alternative financial network.


About Unified Signal

Unified Signal is a leading cloud-based enterprise-level billing system SaaS (software as a service) provider, that allows businesses in virtually every business field to resell cellular service, home telephone service, IoT, mobile wallet, and debit card services. The turnkey platform of Unified Signal enables its customers to sell, procure, fulfil, bill and take care of practically every sort of product and service and all of them bundled on one ubiquitous platform. The Single Signal solution to its customer’s brand can be delivered rapidly and cost-effectively, including all private label.

“We wanted to create an enablement suite that allows our clients to resale any type of service including telecom, financial services, music streaming, and even wellness services. Our mission statement is to obtain better economies of scale, greater functionality, and increased profitability for our valued clients“ says Unified CEO, Paris Holt.


About Kinesis Limited

Kinesis Limited has created the Kinesis Monetary System, which represents an evolutionary step beyond any monetary system in the world today. It will enhance money as both a store of value and a medium of trade, and it was created for the good of all. The essence of its system’s mechanics its yield i.e. reward system, which among others will enhance the money velocity of the Kinesis Stablecoins.

This will be accomplished by making money to represent 100% of an asset’s allocated title and then adding a specific multi-faceted yield mechanism that fairly distributes the wealth generated by the system according to the own contribution to the system.

Aiming to provide the most effective medium of exchange medium and store of value, Kinesis offers a monetary framework based on risk mitigation, returns maximization and speed stimulation.


About Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX)

Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is the world’s largest electronic institutional Exchange of allocated physical precious metals, having branches in seven major trading hubs for physical precious metals (New York, London, Zurich, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney). The ABX ushers global trading, market discovery, and integrated clearing facilities through their innovative institutional trading platform, MetalDesk, into a streamlined and stable online trading world.





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