seriesOne announced today that it has listed the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) offered by Kinesis Money on their platform The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a source of revenue generated from the Kinesis Money’s gold and silver-backed payment network. It gives holders a chance to take a proportionate share of 20% of the fees created when the two gold and silver-based digital currencies of Kinesis Money are transferred between digital wallets or sold through the Kinesis Exchange. 

Kinesis is looking to expand its token sale to the seriesOne network, which provides issuers with access to a large pool of equity capital and investors.

Michael Mildenberger, Chief Executive Officer at seriesOne said Kinesis’ partnership with seriesOne would allow Kinesis to achieve its goal in the shortest possible time. They see Kinesis as a modern way to decouple from how historically Gold and Silver were traded and to extract their intrinsic value. The vision of Kinesis matches with its own: seriesOne’s goal is to accelerate progress by supplying companies like Kinesis with access to capital in order to be ready at creating and developing processes, services and technology.

Thomas Coughlin, Chief Executive Officer at Kinesis said they were pleased to work on the sale of KVTs through their new FinTech partnership with seriesOne, whose plan to free up corporate finance aligns well with Kinesis Money’s vision; one in which money is equal and honest. Their KVT is an excellent example of how this idea is put into practice: a KVT rewards the holder for life with a generous 20 per cent proportionate share of all transaction fees created within the system. Only imagine, you are paid in gold and silver every time someone buys a coffee, or pays for travel.





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