Amanah Finance Consultancy conducted an analysis for the Kinesis Monetary System through the same leading scholar behind the review for the Stellar Blockchain Network certification.

In collaboration with the leading Islamic scholar in the blockchain industry, Mufti Faraz Adam from Amanah Finance Consulting, our blockchain consulting partner Blockchainology (a UK-based consultancy specializing in crypto-asset and blockchain advisory) has worked on the Kinesis Sharia examination.

This analysis resulted in Kinesis being awarded the Sharia-compliant certificate for the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT), Kinesis currencies (KAU and KAG), Kinesis Blockchain Network (KBN), and Kinesis Currency Exchange (KCX).

This marks a significant achievement for the Kinesis Monetary System since this recognition further reinforces Kinesis‘ dream of creating a global system that is open to all, based on two of the most durable and respected precious metals (gold and silver).

Sharia-compliant blockchain projects enable Islamic investors to buy, store, and transact globally in crypto-assets, thereby opening a whole new market for the adoption of Kinesis and its currencies.

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